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Pavilion Gas

About Us

Pavilion Gas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy. Pavilion Gas manages downstream natural gas operations for both piped natural gas (PNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Singapore. The company is also responsible for the marketing, trading and distributing of natural gas in Singapore and the region.

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Our customers are important to us and we value the mutual trust and respect that we share in our relationships. Each relationship is like a journey to be embarked on. We believe in a sincere and collaborative approach in working with our customers, in a spirit of enterprise and excellence. These are our core values to establish partnerships, drive everything we do and guide our future growth and development.

Pavilion Gas Handbook on Gas Supply in Singapore

As a licenced gas supplier, retailer and shipper for the Singapore market, Pavilion Gas has compiled a handbook for our customers, consultants and relevant parties to understand the procedure for the application of natural gas supply and gas connection in Singapore. The procedures and requirements in the handbook comply with the regulations by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).

Please click here to download a copy of the handbook.

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