Our Business

Building Strong & Robust Capabilities

People are an essential part of Pavilion Energy's business. We have employed and continue to seek professional, well-qualified and dynamic people who share our Core Values. This includes our highly driven and experienced senior management team at the helm of the company, and a distinguished Board of Directors from the energy and business sectors that provide strategic guidance and corporate governance.

Equally critical are our investment assets across the full LNG value chain. Pavilion Energy is actively exploring business opportunities and strategic investments to create a stable and progressive foundation. In addition to our investments in upstream assets, we have incorporated Pavilion Gas as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy, to manage downstream gas operations in Singapore, as well as the distribution and trading of LNG in the region. These commitments enable us to strengthen our presence in gas and energy markets both regionally and globally.

With a strong commitment to investing in the best people and the right assets, Pavilion Energy is ready to expand our footprint right across the LNG sector.

Establishing an Integrated LNG Value Chain

Pavilion Energy has a dedicated approach aimed at both integrating and building synergies in our business. The company will move ahead in three stages. Firstly, we will acquire strategic assets such as gas acreage, liquefaction plants, and shipping and regasification facilities; secondly, we will build our operational strength across all functions including LNG trading, sales and marketing, risk management, systems and processes; and thirdly, we will integrate all components of our business to create synergies and optimise our price competitiveness.

By focusing closely on each step, Pavilion Energy aims to generate efficiencies and multiply through-put to create better value for our customers, partners and investors.

LNG Value Chain

Forging Long-Term Partnerships

We regard close collaboration and shared aspirations as key for long-term value creation. Pavilion Energy will be a catalyst for excellence by forging strong relationships across the full LNG value chain, including LNG trading. We aim to build long-term partnerships with established global players in securing supply, and work with expert partners in the LNG sector.

With our global outlook and Asian roots, Pavilion Energy is uniquely placed to pursue partnership opportunities and create new prospects across the region. We believe that the formation of collaborative and trusted regional co-operation will inspire further development and growth of LNG both in Asia and the world.